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Our specialities


Our goal is to help you reach yours! We do everything in our power for you to do your best in personal training.

  • We provide specialised treatment for any kind of health disease or condition,  such as fibromyalgia, arthrosis or heart disease, among others. We help you alleviate the pain and physical discomfort in order to improve your quality of life. 
  • We are experts in sports performance. Turn your weaknesses into strengths! We provide a training adapted to your needs for you to reach your goals by means of load measurement and monitoring technology, which let us know your starting situation and go all out! 
  • We are highly trained and skilled in physical readaptation for both muscle injuries and articular damage. We provide a training based on the root cause of the problem to help you recover and overcome the pain affecting your daily life.

3 different membership packages to ensure a great experience:

  • Individual: Here you are the one and only! You will have a professional just for you, enabling you to reach your greatest potential. 
  • Group: Join people with the same goals and reach them together! 
  • Couple: You just need to choose your partner and we will guide you both on the way to reaching your goals.


The solution to some of your physical problems is in our physiotherapy team’s hands.They will help you achieve successful recovery whatever the damage is.

We have a highly qualified physiotherapy team with a solid professional career and education. Our experts work hard for you to have an effective recovery.

There is a wide range of treatments and techniques available for you:

Sports physiotherapy

We analise the structures and biomechanics of both tissues and articulations composing our body with the purpose of preventing any possible disease and enabling the recovery and readaptation in relation to the present damage.


By means of the application of professional manual techniques, we restore the proper mobility and motility of pathological tissues.

The mechanic balance of all the body tissues (musculoskeletal tissues, nervous tissues, visceral tissues, circulatory tissues…) is promoted and restored from a holistic approach.


This holistic and integrative therapy uses the variations in muscle tension as a resource for energy balance in all physical, biological, emotional and spiritual aspects.

Due to the fact that our muscles are connected to the different organs and functions in human body, they cannot work properly when the whole system (considering nervous system, circulatory system, lymphatic system…) is blocked or under stress.

Therefore, we work on identifying dysfunctional areas and its consequences by means of mucle-testing techniques. This method allows us to design a personalised treatment efficiently thanks to the information we obtain as the body reflects its own needs.

Neuromuscular and functional bandage


Our nutrition services are the perfect complement for your personal training. Our professional team will give you nutritional advice and guidelines. We offer a complete bespoke nutrition and dietetic service to ensure your success!

  • Weight loss plan and body fat percentage test.
  • Goal-orientated sports nutritional advice for both professional and non-professional athletes.
  • Body composition analysis and monitoring.
  • Muscle-building plans.
  • Nutrition education
  • Nutritional advice for any disease.
  • Special nutrition plan for childhood obesity.
  • Weight restoration.
  • Eating disorders monitoring and advice.

Remember that healthy habits and an adequate diet are essential to get an optimal health!

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